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AWS Authentication - Security Token method 🔗

To use the Security Token method of authentication, complete the steps below.

  1. Authenticate your login. Go to and click Sign In to the Console. Follow the onscreen instructions. Your MFA code is required.
  2. In the Services IAM section, select Users on the side menu, and then find and click your login name in the list.
  3. Under the Security Credentials tab, find the Access Key. If an access key is not set up, create new one in the next step. You must have both an Access Key and Security Token to use it. If you do not have both, create a new key.
  4. Click Create access key. Download or copy the credentials (Access Key and Security Token) to a secure location; they will not be available after the dialog box is closed.
  5. Go back to the SignalFx interface, click Integrations, on the Integrations page click the AWS tile, and then New Integration.
  6. In the Connect section, on the Auth line, click Security Token.
  7. Enter your new Access Key and Security Token credentials, then click Save and Enable.
SignalFx will begin to confirm your connection. When you see the Validated! message, your Security Token is verified, and SignalFx begins to receive metrics from AWS.

Your CloudWatch integration is now complete.

If you installed this integration while going through the Quick Start guide, continue by installing the Smart Agent, which monitors host infrastructure metrics.

You can view data from AWS in Built-In Dashboards and Charts and in the Infrastructure Navigator. For more information about monitoring Amazon Web Services in SignalFx, see Monitor Amazon Web Services.