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Creating Custom Prioritized Search Filters for the Metrics Sidebar

As discussed in Create Simple Charts and Dashboards, users can quickly narrow down the search for metrics to display in charts by starting with a suggested search filter in the Metrics Sidebar. These filters are considered “prioritized” because they are immediately available below the “Suggested Search Filters” text when the Metrics Sidebar is opened.

SignalFx provides two commonly used filters by default, but administrators can create additional ones specific to their organization. For example, suppose you attach a standardized “product-name” dimension to the data you send to SignalFx. By creating a prioritized search filter for this dimension, users can quickly search for metrics that are filtered by product name.

To add or edit prioritized search filters, click the Settings icon next to the “Suggested Search Filters” text in the Metrics Sidebar. (If you don’t see the Settings icon, you are not an administrator and cannot add prioritized filters.)


You’ll see a modal window for adding, editing, and deleting prioritized search filters.


Use the “+” and”-” buttons to add and delete filters. Click an existing filter to view or edit its specifications. In the illustration below, we’ve added a filter for Project Name. Information typed in the Description field is displayed when users hover over the filter token in the Metrics Sidebar.


When you save the list of filters, your users will see tokens for any filters you added.