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Monitor and manage subscription usage and billing đź”—

View Splunk Observability subscription usage data to monitor your organization’s usage against its subscription plan and entitlements.

You must be an Observability Cloud administrator to view the Subscription Usage page for your organization. Go to Settings > Subscription Usage or Settings > Billing and Usage, depending on your subscription model.

Usage and billing by source

Observability Cloud admins can monitor billing usage for the following:

System limits

Observability Cloud has system limits that help ensure good performance, stability, and reliability. Exceeding these limits might degrade your experience.

If you exceed your ingestion limits you might incurr in overcost. To help avoid overage fees, create a detector to proactively monitor for potential overages and receive alerts when you are nearing a subscription limit.

Make sure you understand what’s included in your subscription. For more detailed queries about your subscription and billing, contact your Splunk Account Team.

Learn more at Per product system limits in Splunk Observability Cloud and the following docs: