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Connect SignalFx µAPM to logs and other resources 🔗


The original µAPM product, released in 2019, is now called µAPM Previous Generation (µAPM PG). In the documentation, µAPM now refers to the product released on March 31, 2020.

If you are using µAPM Previous Generation (µAPM PG), see µAPM PG Traces, Spans, Metrics, and Metadata.

Global data links are available for µAPM services, trace IDs, span IDs, and span tags. Data links are dynamic resources that connect a SignalFx property to a SignalFx dashboard or external resource such as Splunk logs, Kibana logs, and custom URLs.

When you use a data link associated with an µAPM service, trace ID, or span ID, the context of the property transfers to the resource for the data link.

For general information about data links, see Navigating to Related Content with Data Links.

To create data links for µAPM, see Link logs and other resources to SignalFx µAPM service, traces, and spans.

To view resources that are linked to µAPM services, traces, or spans, see View linked resources for SignalFx µAPM properties.