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Drill down into service performance with indexed tags and MetricSets in Splunk APM 🔗


The original µAPM product, released in 2019, is now called µAPM Previous Generation (µAPM PG). Wherever you see the reference, µAPM now refers to the product released on March 31, 2020.

If you’re using µAPM Previous Generation (µAPM PG), see Overview of SignalFx Microservices APM Previous Generation (µAPM PG).

Use Troubleshooting MetricSets to get visual insights of the performance of services you monitor with Splunk APM. Index span tags associated with services to generate Troubleshooting MetricSets for services.

APM generates groups of metric time-series called MetricSets for indexed tags. Indexed tags generate two types of MetricSets: Monitoring and Troubleshooting.

Monitoring MetricSets are a subset of Troubleshooting MetricSets that APM uses to populate dashboards, detectors, and the Monitoring view. Monitoring MetricSets are defined by spans with a kind of SERVER or CONSUMER.

Troubleshooting MetricSets enable you to visualize and filter performance data about your services. This type of MetricSet can include any span kind.

For more information about MetricSets in APM, see MetricSets in Splunk APM.

Use indexed tags to monitor and drill down into the performance of your environment:

  • Break down and compare values of indexed span tags for services in your environment. For example, if you break down the indexed span tag Endpoint for a service, you can see every endpoint other services call for the service you’re breaking down.
  • View metrics for specific span tag values for a service. For example, you can view the request rate, error rate, root cause error rate, and latency metrics for each value of a span tag you index.

Before you can index span tags, you have to be collecting spans with tags in APM. For more information, see Add span tags to services in Splunk APM.

For information about how APM defines span tags and which span tags to index, see Which span tags to index in Splunk APM.

To index span tags so APM generates Troubleshooting MetricSets, see Index span tags to generate Troubleshooting MetricSets for Splunk APM services.