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Correlate traces to track Business Workflows 🔗

Business Workflows generate Monitoring and Troubleshooting MetricSets for traces that fit Business Workflow rules. You can configure Business Workflow rules to group logically-related traces by services or global tags, or monitor performance indicators on transactions with dashboards and alerts.

You can also filter your Troubleshooting view to display only transactions for specific Business Workflows.

You must be an administrator to configure Business Workflows.

Follow these steps to configure Business Workflow rules to track related traces in Splunk APM:

  1. Create or change a workflow rule.

  2. Enable the workflow rule.

  3. Set the priority of the rule relative to any other rules.

  4. Save your changes to the workflow rule set.

For more information about configuring and managing rules, see Configure Business Workflow rules. See Example Business Workflow configuration for an example configuration. See Configure Business Workflows to track business KPIs for a use case involving Business Workflows.

For examples of monitoring and troubleshooting using Business Workflows, see Use cases: Troubleshoot errors and monitor application performance using Splunk APM.