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Manage Notifications 🔗

In addition to viewing alerts within SignalFx, you can specify recipients to receive notifications when an alert occurs and when it clears. You can also:

Receiving alert notifications from a detector 🔗

Rules in detectors can specify where to send notifications when an alert is triggered and when the alert clears. Each recipient of a notification is a subscriber to that detector. You can open a detector and edit its rules to add subscribers, but there are easier ways to specify recipients.

  • In the Detectors tab on the Alerts page, use the Manage subscriptions option.
  • If there are Related Detectors listed on the Detector menu (bell icon) for a chart, use the Subscribe option.


If notifications aren’t being sent as expected, see if any detector rules have been disabled (see Managing detector rules). Also, check the Muting Rules tab to make sure notifications haven’t been temporarily suspended (see Mute Notifications).

Manage recipients in the Detectors tab 🔗

  1. Hover over Alerts on the navigation bar and select Detectors.

  2. From a detector’s Actions menu, select Manage subscriptions.

  3. A popup appears with information about the detector. Click Add Recipient to add a new notification to this detector, such as your email address or a team name.



If there are multiple rules, as shown above, using this option to add a recipient to the detector in fact adds a notification for that recipient to each rule. That can lead to a recipient receiving a large number of notifications. If you wish, you can expand the display of rules to add a notification to one or more individual rules. For example, you might want to send only critical alerts to your email address.


Sometimes, you may see a warning that the detector you’re about to subscribe to does not include filters that are present in the chart.


This warning occurs because the chart is more specific than the existing detector is, and so that detector will produce alerts that don’t relate specifically to that chart. SignalFx will include as “related” any detectors that use all of the metrics that the chart shows, even if the chart is filtered to be more specific than the detector. If you’re interested only in the specific data shown on that chart, you can try other options available on the Detector menu or, if necessary, create a new detector from the chart instead.

Subscribe to an alert from the Detector menu 🔗

When you are looking at the Detector menu (bell icon) for a chart or in the Infrastructure Navigator, you may see one or more Related Detectors. You can click on one and then select Subscribe.


From here, the process is the same as described after the initial steps in Manage recipients in the Detectors tab.

Removing notification recipients from a detector 🔗

To stop sending notifications to a recipient, you can open the detector and edit each rule. However, it’s probably more efficient to use the technique described in Manage recipients in the Detectors tab to see a list of current recipients. Click the x next to any recipient to stop sending them notifications (that is, unsubscribe them from the detector).