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Auto-Clearing Alerts 🔗

When a metric stops reporting as expected, Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring generates an alert that remains active until it is cleared. But an alert with no data behind it can’t help you make informed decisions. Although you can reduce noise in your system by selecting and clearing such non-actionable alerts manually, a setting in the detector builder UI also lets you clear active but non-actionable alerts automatically.

Auto-Clear Alerts is a checkbox-driven feature in the basic settings group of the alert settings tab. You can use Auto-Clear Alerts to create and enforce a policy for clearing active alerts after a metric or MTS has failed to report for a designated interval. You can, for example, check the Auto-Clear alerts option and specify that non-actionable alerts are cleared after 36 hours.

You may optionally decide that alerts from heartbeat detectors persist longer than alerts from other detectors before being cleared.