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Disk and partition πŸ”—


If you’re using the Splunk Distribution of OpenTelemetry Collector and want to collect disk I/O metrics, use the native OTel component Host metrics receiver.

Configuration settings πŸ”—

If you’re still using this monitor with the Smart Agent (deprecated), these are the configuration options:

The following table shows the configuration options for this monitor:



Default value


Include specific Disk(s)

β€œsda” β€œ/^hd/”


Ignore the designation of specific Disks


Metrics πŸ”—

The following metrics are available for this integration:

Notes πŸ”—

  • Learn more about the available metric types in Observability Cloud.

  • Default metrics are those metrics included in host-based subscriptions in Observability Cloud, such as host, container, or bundled metrics. Custom metrics are not provided by default and might be subject to charges. See more about metric categories.

  • To add additional metrics, see how to configure extraMetrics using the Collector.

Troubleshooting πŸ”—

If you are not able to see your data in Splunk Observability Cloud, try these tips:

To learn about even more support options, see Splunk Customer Success.