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Built-In Content

As soon as you install the SignalFx Smart Agent, connect to AWS Cloudwatch, connect to Google Cloud Platform, or configure other integrations to send data to SignalFx, SignalFx provides a wide variety of ways to see how your system is performing.

On the Infrastructure page, the Infrastructure Navigator provides information about the physical servers, virtual machines, AWS instances, or Docker containers in your environment that are visible to SignalFx.

Infrastructure Navigator

On the Dashboards page, built-in dashboard groups contain built-in dashboards and charts that show important metrics about your system at a glance.

Built-in dashboard groups highlighted

The Detector menu on every chart makes it easy to create recommended detectors based on built-in templates. Being able to view and create detectors directly from a chart makes it easy for you to begin viewing alerts and receiving notifications with just a few keystrokes.


The rest of this section describes each of these features in more detail.