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As discussed in Built-In Content, SignalFx provides a lot of visibility into your system out of the box. But before long, you will probably want to develop charts, dashboards, detectors, and alert notifications that meet your requirements more closely. Understanding the concepts behind SignalFx will help you determine how to proceed most efficiently.

  • Data Model explains the core concepts behind SignalFx’s ability to ingest, store, analyze, visualize, and alert on metrics at scale.
  • Metric Types explains the three types of metrics supported by SignalFx – counters, cumulative counters and gauges.
  • Rollups and Resolution and Data Retention explain the processes by which SignalFx optimizes chart and dashboard rendering speed and determines which datapoints will be displayed on a chart.
  • Metrics Metadata explains how SignalFx uses metadata to let you easily find, filter and aggregate metrics.
  • SignalFlow Analytics Language provides an introduction to some of the most powerful and commonly used analytic functions available in the SignalFlow analytics language.
  • About Detectors and Alerts describes how you can use metadata and dynamic thresholds to enable sophisticated alerting using detectors.