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Use the Smart Agent 🔗


SignalFx Smart Agent is deprecated. For details, see the Deprecation Notice.

The SignalFx Smart Agent gathers host performance, application, and service-level metrics from both containerized and non-container environments. To learn more about these metrics, see sample monitor metrics.

The Smart Agent gathers metrics using monitors, and comes with more than 100 bundled monitors including Python-based plug-ins such as Mongo, Redis, and Docker. To learn more about these monitors, see included monitors.

After you install the Smart Agent, use it to integrate with cloud services, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Kubernetes environments. Then, login to SignalFx to view the incoming metrics in built-in dashboards and charts.

Check out the health of your network and nodes using Infrastructure Navigator.

The Smart Agent also supports receiving and sending trace data: See Deploy a SignalFx Smart Agent for Splunk APM.

To quickly install the SignalFx Smart Agent, see the topic Quick Install.

To learn about all the available installation methods, see topic Install and configure the SignalFx Smart Agent.

For a guided tour around SignalFx capabilities, try the 15-Minute Quick Start.