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collectd/solr 🔗

Monitor Type: collectd/solr (Source)

Accepts Endpoints: Yes

Multiple Instances Allowed: Yes

Overview 🔗

Monitors Solr instances by using the collectd Solr plugin. Supports Solr 6.6 and later.

NOTE: This plugin can collect metrics from Solr only when a Solr instance is running in SolrCloud mode

The solr-collectd plugin collects metrics from solr instances hitting these endpoints:

Sample YAML configuration 🔗

- type: collectd/solr
  port: 8983

Configuration 🔗

To activate this monitor in the Smart Agent, add the following to your agent config:

monitors:  # All monitor config goes under this key
 - type: collectd/solr
   ...  # Additional config

For a list of monitor options that are common to all monitors, see Common Configuration.

Config option Required Type Description
pythonBinary no string Path to a python binary that should be used to execute the Python code. If not set, a built-in runtime will be used. Can include arguments to the binary as well.
host yes string
port yes integer
cluster no string Cluster name of this solr cluster.
enhancedMetrics no bool EnhancedMetrics boolean to indicate whether stats from /metrics are needed (default: false)
includeMetrics no list of strings IncludeMetrics metric names from the /admin/metrics endpoint to include (valid when EnhancedMetrics is "false")
excludeMetrics no list of strings ExcludeMetrics metric names from the /admin/metrics endpoint to exclude (valid when EnhancedMetrics is "true")

Metrics 🔗

These are the metrics available for this monitor. Metrics that are categorized as container/host (default) are in bold and italics in the list below.

This monitor will also emit by default any metrics that are not listed below.

  • counter.solr.http_2xx_responses (counter)
    Total number of 2xx http responses
  • counter.solr.http_4xx_responses (counter)
    Total number of 4xx http responses
  • counter.solr.http_5xx_responses (counter)
    Total number of 5xx http responses
  • counter.solr.http_requests (counter)
    Total number of http requests
  • counter.solr.jvm_classes_loaded (counter)
    Number of JVM classes loaded
  • counter.solr.node_collections_requests (counter)
    Number of collection level requets to Solr node
  • counter.solr.node_cores_requests (counter)
    Number of core level requets to Solr node
  • counter.solr.node_metric_request_count (counter)
    Number of metric requests
  • counter.solr.node_metrics_requests (counter)
    Number of metrics level requets to Solr node
  • counter.solr.node_zookeeper_requests (counter)
    Number of zookeeper level requets to Solr node
  • counter.solr.openFileDescriptorCount (counter)
    Number of open file descriptors
  • counter.solr.replication_handler_requests (counter)
    Number of replication handler requets
  • counter.solr.search_query_requests (counter)
    Number of search query requests
  • counter.solr.update_handler_requests (counter)
    Number of update handler requets
  • counter.solr.zookeeper_errors (counter)
    Number of failures/error at Zookeeper
  • gauge.solr.core_deleted_docs (gauge)
    Number of deleted docs in Solr core
  • gauge.solr.core_index_size (gauge)
    Size of a core index
  • gauge.solr.core_max_docs (gauge)
    Total number of docs in Solr core
  • gauge.solr.core_num_docs (gauge)
    Total number of indexed docs in Solr core
  • gauge.solr.core_totalspace (gauge)
    Total space allocated for core
  • gauge.solr.core_usablespace (gauge)
    Usable space available in core
  • gauge.solr.document_cache_cumulative_hitratio (gauge)
    Cummulative hit ration of document cache
  • gauge.solr.field_value_cache_cumulative_hitratio (gauge)
    Cummulative hit ration of filed value cache
  • gauge.solr.http_active_requests (gauge)
    Number of http active requests
  • gauge.solr.jetty_get_request_latency (gauge)
    Time to process http get request
  • gauge.solr.jetty_post_request_latency (gauge)
    Time to process http post request
  • gauge.solr.jetty_request_latency (gauge)
    Http request response time
  • gauge.solr.jvm_gc_cms_count (gauge)
    JVM Garbage Collector - CMS invocation count
  • gauge.solr.jvm_gc_cms_time (gauge)
    JVM Garbage Collector - CMS prcoess time
  • gauge.solr.jvm_gc_parnew_count (gauge)
    JVM Garbage Collector - Parnew invocation count
  • gauge.solr.jvm_gc_parnew_time (gauge)
    JVM Garbage Collector - Parnew process time
  • gauge.solr.jvm_heap_usage (gauge)
    JVM Heap usage
  • gauge.solr.jvm_mapped_memory_capacity (gauge)
    Total JVM mapped memory capacity
  • gauge.solr.jvm_mapped_memory_used (gauge)
    Total JVM mapped memory used
  • gauge.solr.jvm_memory_pools_Code-Cache_usage (gauge)
    JVM memory pools - PCode Cache usage
  • gauge.solr.jvm_memory_pools_Metaspace_usage (gauge)
    JVM memory pools - Metaspace usage
  • gauge.solr.jvm_memory_pools_Par-Eden-Space_usage (gauge)
    JVM memory pools - Par Eden space usage
  • gauge.solr.jvm_memory_pools_Par-Survivor-Space_usage (gauge)
    JVM memory pools - Par Survivor space usage
  • gauge.solr.jvm_total_memory (gauge)
    JVM total memory allocated
  • gauge.solr.jvm_total_memory_used (gauge)
    JVM memory used
  • gauge.solr.node_metric_request_time (gauge)
    Time to process a metric request
  • gauge.solr.query_result_cache_cumulative_hitratio (gauge)
    Cummulative hit ration of query cache
  • gauge.solr.replication_handler_response (gauge)
    Resplication handler response time
  • gauge.solr.search_query_response (gauge)
    Search query response time
  • gauge.solr.searcher_warmup (gauge)
    Time to new searcher to warm up
  • gauge.solr.shard_cumulative_docs (gauge)
  • gauge.solr.update_request_handler_response (gauge)
    Update request handler response time
  • gauge.solr.zookeeper_request_time (gauge)
    Time to process a request at zookeeper

Non-default metrics (version 4.7.0+) 🔗

To emit metrics that are not default, you can add those metrics in the generic monitor-level extraMetrics config option. Metrics that are derived from specific configuration options that do not appear in the above list of metrics do not need to be added to extraMetrics.

To see a list of metrics that will be emitted you can run agent-status monitors after configuring this monitor in a running agent instance.