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prometheus/node 🔗

Monitor Type: prometheus/node (Source)

Accepts Endpoints: Yes

Multiple Instances Allowed: Yes

Overview 🔗

This monitor scrapes Prometheus Node Exporter metrics and sends them to SignalFx. It is a wrapper around the prometheus-exporter monitor that provides a restricted but expandable set of metrics.

Configuration 🔗

To activate this monitor in the Smart Agent, add the following to your agent config:

monitors:  # All monitor config goes under this key
 - type: prometheus/node
   ...  # Additional config

For a list of monitor options that are common to all monitors, see Common Configuration.

Config option Required Type Description
httpTimeout no int64 HTTP timeout duration for both read and writes. This should be a duration string that is accepted by (default: 10s)
username no string Basic Auth username to use on each request, if any.
password no string Basic Auth password to use on each request, if any.
useHTTPS no bool If true, the agent will connect to the server using HTTPS instead of plain HTTP. (default: false)
httpHeaders no map of strings A map of HTTP header names to values. Comma separated multiple values for the same message-header is supported.
skipVerify no bool If useHTTPS is true and this option is also true, the exporter's TLS cert will not be verified. (default: false)
caCertPath no string Path to the CA cert that has signed the TLS cert, unnecessary if skipVerify is set to false.
clientCertPath no string Path to the client TLS cert to use for TLS required connections
clientKeyPath no string Path to the client TLS key to use for TLS required connections
host yes string Host of the exporter
port yes integer Port of the exporter
useServiceAccount no bool Use pod service account to authenticate. (default: false)
metricPath no string Path to the metrics endpoint on the exporter server, usually /metrics (the default). (default: /metrics)
sendAllMetrics no bool Send all the metrics that come out of the Prometheus exporter without any filtering. This option has no effect when using the prometheus exporter monitor directly since there is no built-in filtering, only when embedding it in other monitors. (default: false)

Metrics 🔗

These are the metrics available for this monitor. This monitor emits all metrics by default; however, none are categorized as container/host – they are all custom.

  • node_arp_entries (gauge)
    ARP entries by device
  • node_boot_time_seconds (gauge)
    Node boot time, in unixtime
  • node_context_switches_total (cumulative)
    Total number of context switches
  • node_cpu_guest_seconds_total (cumulative)
    Seconds the cpus spent in guests (VMs) for each mode
  • node_cpu_seconds_total (cumulative)
    Seconds the cpus spent in each mode
  • node_disk_io_now (gauge)
    The number of I/Os currently in progress
  • node_disk_io_time_seconds_total (cumulative)
    Total seconds spent doing I/Os
  • node_disk_io_time_weighted_seconds_total (cumulative)
    The weighted number of seconds spent doing I/Os. See
  • node_disk_read_bytes_total (cumulative)
    The total number of bytes read successfully
  • node_disk_read_time_seconds_total (cumulative)
    The total number of milliseconds spent by all reads
  • node_disk_reads_completed_total (cumulative)
    The total number of reads completed successfully
  • node_disk_reads_merged_total (cumulative)
    The total number of reads merged. See
  • node_disk_write_time_seconds_total (cumulative)
    This is the total number of seconds spent by all writes
  • node_disk_writes_completed_total (cumulative)
    The total number of writes completed successfully
  • node_disk_writes_merged_total (cumulative)
    The number of writes merged. See
  • node_disk_written_bytes_total (cumulative)
    The total number of bytes written successfully
  • node_entropy_available_bits (gauge)
    Bits of available entropy
  • node_exporter_build_info (gauge)
    A metric with a constant ‘1’ value labeled by version, revision, branch, and goversion from which node_exporter was built
  • node_filefd_allocated (gauge)
    File descriptor statistics: allocated
  • node_filefd_maximum (gauge)
    File descriptor statistics: maximum
  • node_filesystem_avail_bytes (gauge)
    Filesystem space available to non-root users in bytes
  • node_filesystem_device_error (gauge)
    Whether an error occurred while getting statistics for the given device
  • node_filesystem_files (gauge)
    Filesystem total file nodes
  • node_filesystem_files_free (gauge)
    Filesystem total free file nodes
  • node_filesystem_free_bytes (gauge)
    Filesystem free space in bytes
  • node_filesystem_readonly (gauge)
    Filesystem read-only status
  • node_filesystem_size_bytes (gauge)
    Filesystem size in bytes
  • node_forks_total (cumulative)
    Total number of forks
  • node_intr_total (cumulative)
    Total number of interrupts serviced
  • node_ipvs_connections_total (cumulative)
    The total number of connections made
  • node_ipvs_incoming_bytes_total (cumulative)
    The total amount of incoming data
  • node_ipvs_incoming_packets_total (cumulative)
    The total number of incoming packets
  • node_ipvs_outgoing_bytes_total (cumulative)
    The total amount of outgoing data
  • node_ipvs_outgoing_packets_total (cumulative)
    The total number of outgoing packets
  • node_load1 (gauge)
    1m load average
  • node_load15 (gauge)
    15m load average
  • node_load5 (gauge)
    5m load average
  • node_memory_Active_anon_bytes (gauge)
    Memory information field Active_anon_bytes
  • node_memory_Active_bytes (gauge)
    Memory information field Active_bytes
  • node_memory_Active_file_bytes (gauge)
    Memory information field Active_file_bytes
  • node_memory_AnonHugePages_bytes (gauge)
    Memory information field AnonHugePages_bytes
  • node_memory_AnonPages_bytes (gauge)
    Memory information field AnonPages_bytes
  • node_memory_Bounce_bytes (gauge)
    Memory information field Bounce_bytes
  • node_memory_Buffers_bytes (gauge)
    Memory information field Buffers_bytes
  • node_memory_Cached_bytes (gauge)
    Memory information field Cached_bytes
  • node_memory_CommitLimit_bytes (gauge)
    Memory information field CommitLimit_bytes
  • node_memory_Committed_AS_bytes (gauge)
    Memory information field Committed_AS_bytes
  • node_memory_DirectMap1G_bytes (gauge)
    Memory information field DirectMap1G_bytes
  • node_memory_DirectMap2M_bytes (gauge)
    Memory information field DirectMap2M_bytes
  • node_memory_DirectMap4k_bytes (gauge)
    Memory information field DirectMap4k_bytes
  • node_memory_Dirty_bytes (gauge)
    Memory information field Dirty_bytes
  • node_memory_HugePages_Free (gauge)
    Memory information field HugePages_Free
  • node_memory_HugePages_Rsvd (gauge)
    Memory information field HugePages_Rsvd
  • node_memory_HugePages_Surp (gauge)
    Memory information field HugePages_Surp
  • node_memory_HugePages_Total (gauge)
    Memory information field HugePages_Total
  • node_memory_Hugepagesize_bytes (gauge)
    Memory information field Hugepagesize_bytes
  • node_memory_Inactive_anon_bytes (gauge)
    Memory information field Inactive_anon_bytes
  • node_memory_Inactive_bytes (gauge)
    Memory information field Inactive_bytes
  • node_memory_Inactive_file_bytes (gauge)
    Memory information field Inactive_file_bytes
  • node_memory_KernelStack_bytes (gauge)
    Memory information field KernelStack_bytes
  • node_memory_Mapped_bytes (gauge)
    Memory information field Mapped_bytes
  • node_memory_MemAvailable_bytes (gauge)
    Memory information field MemAvailable_bytes
  • node_memory_MemFree_bytes (gauge)
    Memory information field MemFree_bytes
  • node_memory_MemTotal_bytes (gauge)
    Memory information field MemTotal_bytes
  • node_memory_Mlocked_bytes (gauge)
    Memory information field Mlocked_bytes
  • node_memory_NFS_Unstable_bytes (gauge)
    Memory information field NFS_Unstable_bytes
  • node_memory_PageTables_bytes (gauge)
    Memory information field PageTables_bytes
  • node_memory_SReclaimable_bytes (gauge)
    Memory information field SReclaimable_bytes
  • node_memory_SUnreclaim_bytes (gauge)
    Memory information field SUnreclaim_bytes
  • node_memory_ShmemHugePages_bytes (gauge)
    Memory information field ShmemHugePages_bytes
  • node_memory_ShmemPmdMapped_bytes (gauge)
    Memory information field ShmemPmdMapped_bytes
  • node_memory_Shmem_bytes (gauge)
    Memory information field Shmem_bytes
  • node_memory_Slab_bytes (gauge)
    Memory information field Slab_bytes
  • node_memory_SwapCached_bytes (gauge)
    Memory information field SwapCached_bytes
  • node_memory_SwapFree_bytes (gauge)
    Memory information field SwapFree_bytes
  • node_memory_SwapTotal_bytes (gauge)
    Memory information field SwapTotal_bytes
  • node_memory_Unevictable_bytes (gauge)
    Memory information field Unevictable_bytes
  • node_memory_VmallocChunk_bytes (gauge)
    Memory information field VmallocChunk_bytes
  • node_memory_VmallocTotal_bytes (gauge)
    Memory information field VmallocTotal_bytes
  • node_memory_VmallocUsed_bytes (gauge)
    Memory information field VmallocUsed_bytes
  • node_memory_WritebackTmp_bytes (gauge)
    Memory information field WritebackTmp_bytes
  • node_memory_Writeback_bytes (gauge)
    Memory information field Writeback_bytes
  • node_netstat_Icmp6_InErrors (gauge)
    Statistic Icmp6InErrors
  • node_netstat_Icmp6_InMsgs (gauge)
    Statistic Icmp6InMsgs
  • node_netstat_Icmp6_OutMsgs (gauge)
    Statistic Icmp6OutMsgs
  • node_netstat_Icmp_InErrors (gauge)
    Statistic IcmpInErrors
  • node_netstat_Icmp_InMsgs (gauge)
    Statistic IcmpInMsgs
  • node_netstat_Icmp_OutMsgs (gauge)
    Statistic IcmpOutMsgs
  • node_netstat_Ip6_InOctets (gauge)
    Statistic Ip6InOctets
  • node_netstat_Ip6_OutOctets (gauge)
    Statistic Ip6OutOctets
  • node_netstat_IpExt_InOctets (gauge)
    Statistic IpExtInOctets
  • node_netstat_IpExt_OutOctets (gauge)
    Statistic IpExtOutOctets
  • node_netstat_Ip_Forwarding (gauge)
    Statistic IpForwarding
  • node_netstat_TcpExt_ListenDrops (gauge)
    Statistic TcpExtListenDrops
  • node_netstat_TcpExt_ListenOverflows (gauge)
    Statistic TcpExtListenOverflows
  • node_netstat_TcpExt_SyncookiesFailed (gauge)
    Statistic TcpExtSyncookiesFailed
  • node_netstat_TcpExt_SyncookiesRecv (gauge)
    Statistic TcpExtSyncookiesRecv
  • node_netstat_TcpExt_SyncookiesSent (gauge)
    Statistic TcpExtSyncookiesSent
  • node_netstat_Tcp_ActiveOpens (gauge)
    Statistic TcpActiveOpens
  • node_netstat_Tcp_CurrEstab (gauge)
    Statistic TcpCurrEstab
  • node_netstat_Tcp_InErrs (gauge)
    Statistic TcpInErrs
  • node_netstat_Tcp_PassiveOpens (gauge)
    Statistic TcpPassiveOpens
  • node_netstat_Tcp_RetransSegs (gauge)
    Statistic TcpRetransSegs
  • node_netstat_Udp6_InDatagrams (gauge)
    Statistic Udp6InDatagrams
  • node_netstat_Udp6_InErrors (gauge)
    Statistic Udp6InErrors
  • node_netstat_Udp6_NoPorts (gauge)
    Statistic Udp6NoPorts
  • node_netstat_Udp6_OutDatagrams (gauge)
    Statistic Udp6OutDatagrams
  • node_netstat_UdpLite6_InErrors (gauge)
    Statistic UdpLite6InErrors
  • node_netstat_UdpLite_InErrors (gauge)
    Statistic UdpLiteInErrors
  • node_netstat_Udp_InDatagrams (gauge)
    Statistic UdpInDatagrams
  • node_netstat_Udp_InErrors (gauge)
    Statistic UdpInErrors
  • node_netstat_Udp_NoPorts (gauge)
    Statistic UdpNoPorts
  • node_netstat_Udp_OutDatagrams (gauge)
    Statistic UdpOutDatagrams
  • node_network_receive_bytes_total (cumulative)
    Network device statistic receive_bytes
  • node_network_receive_compressed_total (cumulative)
    Network device statistic receive_compressed
  • node_network_receive_drop_total (cumulative)
    Network device statistic receive_drop
  • node_network_receive_errs_total (cumulative)
    Network device statistic receive_errs
  • node_network_receive_fifo_total (cumulative)
    Network device statistic receive_fifo
  • node_network_receive_frame_total (cumulative)
    Network device statistic receive_frame
  • node_network_receive_multicast_total (cumulative)
    Network device statistic receive_multicast
  • node_network_receive_packets_total (cumulative)
    Network device statistic receive_packets
  • node_network_transmit_bytes_total (cumulative)
    Network device statistic transmit_bytes
  • node_network_transmit_carrier_total (cumulative)
    Network device statistic transmit_carrier
  • node_network_transmit_colls_total (cumulative)
    Network device statistic transmit_colls
  • node_network_transmit_compressed_total (cumulative)
    Network device statistic transmit_compressed
  • node_network_transmit_drop_total (cumulative)
    Network device statistic transmit_drop
  • node_network_transmit_errs_total (cumulative)
    Network device statistic transmit_errs
  • node_network_transmit_fifo_total (cumulative)
    Network device statistic transmit_fifo
  • node_network_transmit_packets_total (cumulative)
    Network device statistic transmit_packets
  • node_nf_conntrack_entries (gauge)
    Number of currently allocated flow entries for connection tracking
  • node_nf_conntrack_entries_limit (gauge)
    Maximum size of connection tracking table
  • node_procs_blocked (gauge)
    Number of processes blocked waiting for I/O to complete
  • node_procs_running (gauge)
    Number of processes in runnable state
  • node_scrape_collector_duration_seconds (gauge)
    Duration of a collector scrape
  • node_scrape_collector_success (gauge)
    Whether a collector succeeded
  • node_sockstat_FRAG_inuse (gauge)
    Number of FRAG sockets in state inuse
  • node_sockstat_FRAG_memory (gauge)
    Number of FRAG sockets in state memory
  • node_sockstat_RAW_inuse (gauge)
    Number of RAW sockets in state inuse
  • node_sockstat_TCP_alloc (gauge)
    Number of TCP sockets in state alloc
  • node_sockstat_TCP_inuse (gauge)
    Number of TCP sockets in state inuse
  • node_sockstat_TCP_mem (gauge)
    Number of TCP sockets in state mem
  • node_sockstat_TCP_mem_bytes (gauge)
    Number of TCP sockets in state mem_bytes
  • node_sockstat_TCP_orphan (gauge)
    Number of TCP sockets in state orphan
  • node_sockstat_TCP_tw (gauge)
    Number of TCP sockets in state tw
  • node_sockstat_UDPLITE_inuse (gauge)
    Number of UDPLITE sockets in state inuse
  • node_sockstat_UDP_inuse (gauge)
    Number of UDP sockets in state inuse
  • node_sockstat_UDP_mem (gauge)
    Number of UDP sockets in state mem
  • node_sockstat_UDP_mem_bytes (gauge)
    Number of UDP sockets in state mem_bytes
  • node_sockstat_sockets_used (gauge)
    Number of sockets sockets in state used
  • node_textfile_scrape_error (gauge)
    1 if there was an error opening or reading a file, 0 otherwise
  • node_time_seconds (gauge)
    System time in seconds since epoch (1970)
  • node_uname_info (gauge)
    Labeled system information as provided by the uname system call
  • node_vmstat_pgfault (gauge)
    /proc/vmstat information field pgfault
  • node_vmstat_pgmajfault (gauge)
    /proc/vmstat information field pgmajfault
  • node_vmstat_pgpgin (gauge)
    /proc/vmstat information field pgpgin
  • node_vmstat_pgpgout (gauge)
    /proc/vmstat information field pgpgout
  • node_vmstat_pswpin (gauge)
    /proc/vmstat information field pswpin
  • node_vmstat_pswpout (gauge)
    /proc/vmstat information field pswpout The agent does not do any built-in filtering of metrics coming out of this monitor.