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signalfx-forwarder 🔗

Monitor Type: signalfx-forwarder (Source)

Accepts Endpoints: No

Multiple Instances Allowed: No

Overview 🔗

Runs an HTTP server that listens for SignalFx datapoints and trace spans and forwards them to SignalFx (or the configured ingest host in the writer section of the agent config). This supports the latest formats for datapoints (v2) and spans (v1) that our ingest server supports and at the same path (/v2/datapoint, /v1/trace). By default, the server listens on localhost port 9080 but can be configured to anything.

The defaultSpanTagsFromEndpoint and extraSpanTagsFromEndpoint config options are not compatible with the signalfx-forwarder monitor.

Configuration 🔗

To activate this monitor in the Smart Agent, add the following to your agent config:

monitors:  # All monitor config goes under this key
 - type: signalfx-forwarder
   ...  # Additional config

For a list of monitor options that are common to all monitors, see Common Configuration.

Config option Required Type Description
listenAddress no string The host:port on which to listen for datapoints. The listening server accepts datapoints on the same HTTP path that ingest/gateway accepts them (e.g. /v2/datapoint, /v1/trace). Requests to other paths will return 404s. (default:
serverTimeout no int64 HTTP timeout duration for both read and writes. This should be a duration string that is accepted by (default: 5s)
sendInternalMetrics no bool Whether to emit internal metrics about the HTTP listener (default: false)