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telegraf/logparser 🔗

Monitor Type: telegraf/logparser (Source)

Accepts Endpoints: No

Multiple Instances Allowed: Yes

Overview 🔗

This monitor is based on the Telegraf logparser plugin. The monitor tails log files. More information about the Telegraf plugin can be found here. All metrics emitted from this monitor will have the plugin dimension set to telegraf-logparser

Sample YAML configuration:

 - type: telegraf/logparser
    - '$file'
   watchMethod: poll       # specify the file watch method ("inotify" or "poll")
   fromBeginning: true     # specify to read from the beginning
   measurementName: test-measurement # the metric name prefix
    - "%{COMMON_LOG_FORMAT}" # specifies the apache common log format
   timezone: UTC

Configuration 🔗

To activate this monitor in the Smart Agent, add the following to your agent config:

monitors:  # All monitor config goes under this key
 - type: telegraf/logparser
   ...  # Additional config

For a list of monitor options that are common to all monitors, see Common Configuration.

Config option Required Type Description
files yes list of strings Paths to files to be tailed
watchMethod no string Method for watching changes to files ("ionotify" or "poll") (default: poll)
fromBeginning no bool Whether to start tailing from the beginning of the file (default: false)
measurementName no string Name of the measurement
patterns no list of strings A list of patterns to match.
namedPatterns no list of strings A list of named grok patterns to match.
customPatterns no string Custom grok patterns. (grok only)
customPatternFiles no list of strings List of paths to custom grok pattern files.
timezone no string Specifies the timezone. The default is UTC time. Other options are Local for the local time on the machine, UTC, and Canada/Eastern (unix style timezones).

The agent does not do any built-in filtering of metrics coming out of this monitor.