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telegraf/win_services 🔗

Monitor Type: telegraf/win_services (Source)

Accepts Endpoints: No

Multiple Instances Allowed: Yes

Overview 🔗

(Windows Only) This monitor reports metrics about Windows services. This monitor is based on the Telegraf win_services plugin. More information about the Telegraf plugin can be found here.

Sample YAML configuration:

 - type: telegraf/win_services  # monitor all services
 - type: telegraf/win_services
     - exampleService1  # only monitor exampleService1

Configuration 🔗

To activate this monitor in the Smart Agent, add the following to your agent config:

monitors:  # All monitor config goes under this key
 - type: telegraf/win_services
   ...  # Additional config

For a list of monitor options that are common to all monitors, see Common Configuration.

Config option Required Type Description
serviceNames no list of strings Names of services to monitor. All services will be monitored if none are specified.

Metrics 🔗

These are the metrics available for this monitor. This monitor emits all metrics by default; however, none are categorized as container/host – they are all custom.

  • win_services.startup_mode (gauge)
    The configured start up mode of the window windows service. Possible values are: 0 (Boot Start), 1 (System Start), 2 (Auto Start), 3 (Demand Start), 4 (disabled).
  • win_services.state (gauge)
    The state of the windows service. Possible values are: 1 (Stopped), 2 (Start Pending), 3 (Stop Pending), 4 (Running), 5 (Continue Pending), 6 (Pause Pending), and 7 (Paused). The agent does not do any built-in filtering of metrics coming out of this monitor.