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../../_images/integration_awsapigateway.png Amazon API Gateway πŸ”—


Use SignalFx to monitor Amazon API Gateway via Amazon Web Services.


Built-in dashboards πŸ”—

  • Overview: Overview of CloudWatch data of the number of API calls, average latency and error responses for all API resources. ../../_images/dashboard-awsapigateway-overview.png
  • API Resource: CloudWatch data of the number of API calls, average latency, error responses and cache hit/miss filtered for individual API resources. ../../_images/dashboard-awsapigateway-apiresource.png


Step 1: Connect to CloudWatch πŸ”—

To access this integration, connect to CloudWatch.

Step 2: Enable CloudWatch metrics πŸ”—

Enable detailed CloudWatch metrics for your API stage in AWS.

  1. In your Amazon API Gateway console, click the name of your API.
  2. Click Stages.
  3. Click on your stage.
  4. Click Logs/Tracing, specify Enable Detailed CloudWatch Metrics, and then click Save Changes.

Step 3: Set up CloudWatch API logging πŸ”—

To set up CloudWatch API logging, add the ARN for the IAM role that has write access to CloudWatch logs.

To do this, visit AWS’s documentation site, and see Set up CloudWatch API logging using the API Gateway console.


SignalFx provides built-in dashboards for this service. Examples are shown below.




For more information about the metrics emitted by Amazon API Gateway, visit the service’s homepage at