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../../_images/integration_awsebs.png Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) πŸ”—


Use SignalFx to monitor Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) via Amazon Web Services.


Built-in dashboards πŸ”—

  • EBS Volumes: Overview of all data from EBS.


  • EBS Volume: Focus on a single EBS volume.



To access this integration, connect to CloudWatch.

By default, SignalFx will import all CloudWatch metrics that are available in your account. To retrieve metrics for a subset of available services or regions, modify the connection on the Integrations page.


Uniquely identifying EBS Volumes πŸ”—

SignalFx synthesizes a unique ID for each EBS volume in the dimension AWSUniqueId.

EBS metadata πŸ”—

For EBS, SignalFx will scan every volume ID from your AWS account and pull out properties of the volume and any tags set on the volume.

EBS Filter Name Custom Property Description
availability-zone aws_availability_zone The Availability Zone in which the volume was created
create-time aws_create_time The time stamp when the volume was created
encrypted aws_encrypted The encryption status of the volume
iops aws_iops The number of I/O operations per second (IOPS) that the volume supports
kms_key_id aws_kms_key_id The full ARN of the AWS customer master key used to protect the volume encryption key for the volume
size aws_size The size of the volume, in GiB
snapshot_id aws_snapshot_id The snapshot from which the volume was created
state aws_state The status of the volume
volume_id aws_volume_id The volume ID
volume_type aws_volume_type The Amazon EBS volume type


For more information about the metrics emitted by Amazon Elastic Block Store, visit the service’s homepage at