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SignalFx enables you to monitor the health and performance of your Lambda functions through metrics on total invocations, errors, durations, and more. In addition, you can easily send custom application or business metrics from within your Lambda functions.

  • If you have enabled the SignalFx Amazon Web Services integration and are syncing Cloudwatch metrics, those metrics will automatically be available to view.
  • You can use one of our language-specific wrappers to monitor your functions. Using a wrapper lets you see invocations, errors and durations for your functions in real time, and also provides insight into whether a given function is being impacted by cold starts.
  • The wrapper is also a way for you to send in custom application or business metrics from within a Lambda function, analogous to what you can do with our client libraries for code running in non-Lambda environments.


Built-in dashboards 🔗

  • Lambda (AWS) Overview: Overview of all data from Lambda via CloudWatch.


  • Lambda (SignalFx) Overview: Overview of all data from Lambda via SignalFx Wrapper.


  • Lambda (AWS) Function: Instance view for specific Lambda function via CloudWatch.


  • Lambda (SignalFx) Function: Instance view for specific Lambda function via SignalFx Wrapper.



SignalFx Wrapper vs Cloudwatch monitoring 🔗

Step 1: Review and Select a Deployment Method 🔗

While you can use both the SignalFx Wrapper and Cloudwatch methods to monitor Lambda functions at the same time, you also have the option to use only one method.

Before you select a single method (or both), consider the following statements:

  • Each method sends different metrics and uses different properties to uniquely identify a Lambda function.
  • Cloudwatch data is reported with a delay; the delay can range from 1 to 10 minutes. The SignalFx Wrapper sends data immediately when it becomes available.
  • Cloudwatch data is sent automatically for all Lambda functions, whereas the SignalFx Wrapper needs to be added to each function.
  • SignalFx Wrapper is the only method to send custom application or business metrics from within a Lambda function.

Step 2: Review Setup Documentation 🔗

Option 1: Use the SignalFx Wrapper

The SignalFx Wrapper provides real-time monitoring of Lambda functions, as well as the ability to send custom metrics from your applications to SignalFx.

To use the SignalFx Wrapper, you can do either of the following:

  • Include the SignalFx Lambda Wrapper in your Lambda function
  • Add the Lambda Layer containing the Wrapper to the Lambda function.

To support different deployment models, SignalFx provides Lambda Wrappers as libraries, hosted Lambda Layers and as Serverless Applications available through Serverless Application Repository (with language-specific exceptions).

To view the three installation methods for each Lambda wrapper, review the following readme files:

Option 2: Use CloudWatch

By default, SignalFx imports all CloudWatch metrics that are available in your account. To retrieve metrics for a subset of available services or regions, you need to modify the connection on the Integrations page in the SignalFx UI.

To access this integration, see connect to CloudWatch.


Uniquely identifying Lambda 🔗

SignalFx Wrapper 🔗

SignalFx uses a unique ARN (Amazon Resource Names) of the function instance in the dimension lambda_arn.

CloudWatch 🔗

SignalFx synthesizes a unique ID for each Lambda function instance in the dimension AWSUniqueId.


SignalFx Wrapper 🔗

The SignalFx Lambda wrapper sends the following metrics to SignalFx:

Metric Name Type Description
function.invocations Counter Count of Lambda invocations
function.cold_starts Counter Count of cold starts
function.errors Counter Count of errors from underlying Lambda handler
function.duration Gauge Milliseconds in execution time of underlying Lambda handler

The Lambda wrappers add several dimensions to data points sent to SignalFx. These dimensions can be used for filtering and aggregation.

Dimension Description
lambda_arn Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the Lambda function instance
aws_region AWS region where the Lambda function is executed
aws_account_id AWS Account ID associated with the Lambda function
aws_function_name Name of the Lambda function
aws_function_version Version of the Lambda function
aws_function_qualifier AWS function version qualifier (version or version alias if it is not an event source mapping Lambda invocation)
event_source_mappings AWS function name (if it is an event source mapping Lambda invocation)
aws_execution_env AWS execution environment (e.g. AWS_Lambda_nodejs6.10)
function_wrapper_version SignalFx function wrapper qualifier (e.g. signalfx-lambda-0.0.9)
metric_source The literal value of 'lambda_wrapper'

CloudWatch 🔗

For more information about the metrics emitted by Lambda, see the documentation at