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../../_images/integration_azurefunctions.png Azure Functions 🔗


SignalFx enables you to monitor the health and performance of your individual Azure Functions through metrics for total invocations, errors, and durations. In addition, you can also send custom application or business metrics from within your Azure Functions.

  • If you have enabled the SignalFx Azure integration and are syncing Azure Monitor metrics, those metrics will automatically be available to view.
  • You can use one of our language-specific wrappers to monitor your functions. Using a wrapper lets you see invocations, errors and durations for your functions in real time for indvidual functions.
  • The wrapper is also a way for you to send in custom application or business metrics from within a Azure Function, analogous to what you can do with our client libraries for code running other environments.


Built-in dashboards 🔗

  • Azure Function Apps (Azure): Overview of all data from Azure Functions via Azure Monitor.


  • Azure Functions (SignalFx): Overview of all data from Azure Functions via SignalFx Wrapper.


  • Azure Function App (Azure): Instance view for specific Azure Function App via Azure Monitor.


  • Azure Function (SignalFx): Instance view for specific Azure Function via SignalFx Wrapper.



Step 1: Add the SignalFx Azure Wrapper 🔗

You can use the SignalFx Azure Wrapper for:

  • Real-time monitoring of Azure Functions
  • Sending custom metrics from your applications to SignalFx

To use the SignalFx Azure Wrapper, include the wrapper in your Azure Function. To learn more, review the README file for the desired library:

Step 2: Connect to Azure Monitor 🔗

To access this integration, connect to Azure Monitor.

By default, SignalFx imports all Azure Monitor metrics that are available in your account. To retrieve metrics for a subset of available services or regions, modify the connection on the Integrations page.


Uniquely identifying Azure Function 🔗

SignalFx uses a combination of the Function App name, function name, and region to uniquely identify a function.

SignalFx Wrapper Metrics 🔗

The SignalFx Azure Function wrapper sends the following metrics to SignalFx:

Metric Name Type Description
azure.function.invocations Counter Count of function invocations
azure.function.errors Counter Count of errors from underlying function handler
azure.function.duration Gauge Milliseconds in execution time of underlying function handler

The Azure Function wrappers add several dimensions to data points sent to SignalFx. These dimensions can be used for filtering and aggregation.

Dimension Description
azure_region Azure region where the function is executed
azure_function_name Name of the function
azure_resource_name Name of the function app where the function is running
function_wrapper_version SignalFx function wrapper qualifier (e.g. signalfx-azurefunction-0.0.11)
is_Azure_Function Used to differentiate between Azure App Service and Azure Function metrics
metric_source The literal value of 'azure_function_wrapper'

Azure Monitor 🔗

For more information about the metrics emitted by Azure Functions, see the documentation at