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image0 cURL-JSON Plugin

Metadata associated with the cURL-JSON collectd plugin can be found here. The relevant code for the plugin can be found here.


From collectdwiki:

The cURL-JSON plugin queries JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) data using the cURL library and parses it according to the user’s configuration using Yet Another JSON Library (YAJL). This can be used to query statistics information from a CouchDB instance, for example.


This plugin requires:

Software Version
collectd 4.8+


Installation and initial configuration options are available as part of the SignalFx collectdagent.


From collectdwiki:

This plugin is a generic plugin, i.e. it cannot work without configuration, because there is no reasonable default behavior. Please read the Plugin curl_jsonsection of the collectd.conf manual page for an in-depth description of the plugin’s configuration.


There are many potential uses for the cURL-JSON plugin. One example is for gathering metrics from Riak KV fromBasho. You can find more details on this use case and a Riak KV configuration here.