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../../_images/integration_googlecloudfunctions.png Google Cloud Functions 🔗


Use SignalFx to monitor Google Cloud Functions via Google Cloud Platform.


Built-in dashboards 🔗

  • Cloud Functions Overview: Overview of project level metrics for Google Cloud Functions


  • Cloud Function: Metrics for a single cloud function



To access this integration, connect to Google Cloud Platform.


Interpreting Built-in dashboards 🔗

Cloud Function

  • Executions / min - Count of function executions per minute.


  • Executions / min Trend - Trend of function executions per minute.


  • Average Execution Time (ms) - Average execution time for a function.


  • Average Execution Time (ms) Trend - Average execution time trend for a function.


Cloud Functions Overview

  • Executions / min - List of executions per minute for all functions.


  • Executions / min by Status - List of function executions per minute grouped by status.


  • Average Execution Time (ms) - List of average execution times for all functions.


  • Execution Time (ms) - Trend of average execution times for all functions.



Metric Name Description Type
function/active_instances Active instances gauge
function/execution_count Executions counter
function/execution_times Execution times counter
function/network_egress Network egress counter
function/user_memory_bytes Memory usage counter

function/active_instances 🔗


The number of active function instances.

function/execution_count 🔗


Count of function executions broken down by status.

function/execution_times 🔗


Distribution of functions execution times in nanoseconds.

function/network_egress 🔗


Outgoing network traffic of function, in bytes.

function/user_memory_bytes 🔗


Distribution of maximum function’s memory usage during execution, in bytes.

For more information about the metrics emitted by Google Cloud Functions, visit the service’s metric page at