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Use SignalFx to monitor Microsoft Azure services via Microsoft Azure Monitor.


Connecting to Azure allows you to take advantage of extensive SignalFx Azure support.

  • SignalFx can sync metadata about your Azure Virtual Machines (only applicable to the VM’s created/managed by Azure Resource Manager) to enrich metrics reported by Azure Monitor or the SignalFx collectd agent.
  • SignalFx provides built-in dashboards for many Azure services that report to Monitor, such as Azure Virtual Machines and Azure Logic App.




Before you begin, you must be an administrator of your SignalFx account.

To connect SignalFx to Azure, you must create a new application in Azure for SignalFx to use.

See Connect to Microsoft Azure for the procedure.


See the Azure integration guide for more information.


For more information about the metrics emitted by Azure Monitor, see the documentation for individual services.