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../../_images/integration_azurekubernetesservice.png Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service 🔗


Use SignalFx to monitor Azure Kubernetes Service using Microsoft Azure.


Built-in dashboards 🔗

  • Azure Managed Cluster: Shows metrics of an Azure Managed Cluster.



To access this integration, connect to Microsoft Azure.


Interpreting Built-in dashboards 🔗

Azure Managed Cluster

  • Number of Nodes - Number of nodes in the Azure Kubernetes Cluster.


  • Number of Pods - Number of pods in the Azure Kubernetes Cluster.


  • Available CPU Cores - Available CPU cores across the cluster.


  • Available Memory - Available memory in the cluster in Bytes.


  • Pods By State - Heatmap showing the number of pods in Ready state across the cluster. GREEN shows pods in Ready state.


  • Pods by Phase - Number of pods in different phases across the cluster.


  • Number of Pods NOT in Ready state per namespace - Number of pods per namespace that are not in Ready state.



For more information about the metrics emitted by Azure Kubernetes Service, visit here.