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../../_images/integrations_azuresqldatabase.png Microsoft Azure SQL Database 🔗


Use SignalFx to monitor Azure SQL Database via Microsoft Azure.


  • Azure SQL Database: Shows metrics of a Database.
  • Azure SQL Databases: Shows metrics of all Databases being monitored.


To access this integration, connect to Microsoft Azure.


Interpreting Built-in dashboards 🔗

Azure SQL Database

  • DTU Percentage - Shows the DTU percentage of a SQL database. If this value is consistently high, it is likely that the database sees increased latencies.
  • DTU Percentage Trend - Trend of the DTU used percentage.
  • Server CPU Percentage - Shows the load on the CPU
  • Server CPU Percentage Trend - Trend of the server CPU usage
  • Total Database Size - Total size of the SQL Database in bytes
  • Data I/O Percentage - Shows the used percentage of Data I/O.
  • Log I/O Percentage - Used percentage of Log I/O.
  • Database Size Percentage - Percentage of the Database used.
  • Successful Connections - Number of successful connections to the database.
  • Failed Connections - Number of failed connections to the database.
  • Connections Blocked by Firewall - Number of connections blocked by firewall.

Azure SQL Databases

  • Number of Databases - Shows total number of databases being monitored.
  • Top Databases by Total Storage - Stacked view of total storage aggregated by database.
  • Top Databases by DTU Consumption percent - Shows the trend of DTU used percent for top databases.
  • Top Databases by Data I/O percent - List of top databases by Data I/O percent
  • Top Databases by Connections Failed - List of the databases with top number of connections failed.
  • SQL Server CPU percent - Percentile distribution of server CPU used percent for all databases
  • Number of Blocked Connections - Number of blocked connections aggregated by database.
  • Top Databases by Log I/O percent Lists the databases with top Log I/O.


For more information about the metrics emitted by Azure SQL Database, visit here.