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../../_images/integrations_pivotalcloudfoundry.png Pivotal Cloud Foundry 🔗


Monitor a Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) deployment. Download the PCF tile here. This integration provides metrics about the performance of the various components that make up Pivotal Cloud Foundry. Click here for more details.


Infrastructure Page 🔗

  • Infrastructure Navigator: On the Infrastructure page in SignalFx, the Infrastructure Navigator visualizes Cloud Foundry instances as squares, colored by metrics including CPU, disk, and network. Additional views are provided for focus on the health and performance of specific Cloud Foundry services, as well as Garden Containers. Click here to read more about the Infrastructure Page.

    You can quickly see the status of all of the VMs in your Cloud Foundry cluster:


    Here is a sample of the view for Garden Containers:


Built-in dashboards 🔗

This integration includes built-in dashboards listed under Cloud Foundry on the Dashboards page in SignalFx. Here are some examples:

  • Key Capacity Scaling Indicators: Helps you figure out whether you need to add resources to your cluster.


  • Diego: Metrics around Diego, including many KPIs


  • Garden Containers: High-level look at the Garden container system



This integration requires administrative access to a Pivotal Cloud Foundry deployment. Pivotal Web Services is not supported. Versions known to work are:

Software Version
Pivotal Ops Manager 1.9.1+
Pivotal Elastic Runtime 1.9.0+


  1. Install the latest BOSH release for our Bridge application, which pulls metrics from the Loggregator Firehose and sends them to SignalFx. This can be installed in any deployment in your CF environment, as long as it has access to the BOSH Director and the Traffic Controller server.
  • Metrics from Pivotal Cloud Foundry should begin streaming into SignalFx.
  1. (Optional) To monitor services running within Garden containers (for example, webservers), use the buildpack decorator along with the CF meta-buildpack.
  2. (Optional) To get our agent on to your own BOSH deployments, use our BOSH release.