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Metadata associated with the Protocols collectd plugin can be found here. The relevant code for the plugin can be found here.


From collectd wiki:

The Protocols plugin collects information about the network protocols supported by the system, for example Internet Protocol (IP) and Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). Currently the plugin is only available under Linux and reads its information from the following two files in the /proc file-system:

  • /proc/net/snmp
  • /proc/net/netstat

Because the available information is usually far too much to be useful, the interesting values can be selected using the configuration file.


This plugin requires:

Software Version
collectd 4.7+


If you are using the new Smart Agent, see the docs for the collectd/protocols monitor for more information. The configuration documentation below may be helpful as well, but consult the Smart Agent repo’s docs for the exact schema.

Installation and initial configuration options are available as part of the SignalFx collectd agent.


Configuration for this plugin is kept in the main collectd.conf file.

From collectd wiki:

Configuration Option Type Definition
Value Selector Selects whether or not to select a specific value.
  • The string being matched is of the form Protocol:ValueName where Protocol will be used as the plugin instance and ValueName will be used as type instance.
  • An example of the string being used would be Tcp:RetransSegs
  • You can use regular expressions to match a large number of values with just one configuration option.
  • To select all "extended" TCP values, you could use the following statement: Value "/^TcpExt:/"
  • Whether only matched values are selected or all matched values are ignored depends on the IgnoreSelected. By default, only matched values are selected. If no value is configured at all, all values will be selected.
IgnoreSelected true/false If set to true, inverts the selection made by Value, i. e. all matching values will be ignored.


This is a plugin used to gather data about specific protocols in use by a host or collectd instance. By default the protocols that the SignalFx configuration gather metrics on are:

Value default Definition
Icmp Icmp:InDestUnreachs
Tcp Tcp:CurrEstab The number of TCP connections for which the current state is either ESTABLISHED or CLOSE- WAIT.
Tcp Tcp:OutSegs The total number of segments that have been sent, including those on current connections but excluding those containing only retransmitted octets.
Tcp Tcp:RetransSegs The total number of TCP segments that have been transmitted containing one or more previously transmitted octets.
TcpExt TcpExt:DelayedACKs delayed acknowledgements
Tcp Tcp:.*Opens/ To select all TCP values with an extension including the variable Opens
TcpExt /^TcpExt:.*Octets/ To select all "extended" TCP values with an extension including the variable Octets