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SignalFx plugin for collectd 🔗

Metadata associated with the SignalFx plugin for collectd can be found here. The relevant code for the plugin can be found here.


This SignalFx plugin for collectd configures collectd to aggregate metrics and send them to SignalFx. This plugin also handles the association to a specific SignalFx org to the data that is being sent through the org’s API token.


This plugin requires:

Software Version
collectd 4.9+
Python plugin for collectd (included with SignalFx collectd agent)
Python 2.6+


  1. Download the Python module from the following URL:
  2. Download SignalFx’s sample configuration file.

  3. Modify the configuration file as follows:

    1. Modify the fields “TypesDB and “ModulePath” to point to the location on disk where you downloaded the Python module in step 2.
    2. Provide values that make sense for your environment, as described below.
  4. Add the following line to /etc/collectd.conf, replacing the example path with the location of the configuration file you downloaded in step 4:

     include '/path/to/10-signalfx.conf'
  5. Restart collectd.

collectd will begin emitting metrics to SignalFx.


Configuring the plugin 🔗

Before we can send metrics to SignalFx, we need to make sure you are sending them to the correct SignalFx realm. To determine what realm you are in (YOUR_SIGNALFX_REALM), check your profile page in the SignalFx web application (click the avatar in the upper right and click My Profile). If you are not in the us0 realm, you will need to set the URL configuration option below to use the correct realm, as shown below.

You will also need to set the Token configuration option to your SignalFx organization access token (YOUR_SIGNALFX_API_TOKEN). For more information on authentication, see the API’s Authentication documentation.

Configuration options 🔗

configuration option definition default value
ModulePath Path on disk where collectd can find this module. "/opt/signalfx-collectd-plugin"
URL URL for where metrics are sent from collectd. If you are looking to limit the number of connections from your infrastructure to the SignalFx service you can optioally configure the use of the SignalFx metricproxy ""
Token Your SignalFx Organization Acess Token none
LogTraces Enable log traces true
Notifications Enable notification on this plugin true
NotifyLevel Set the notification level "OKAY"
PerCoreCPUUtil Enable cpu utilization per core metrics. This requires the filtering.conf file false


This plugin provides additional aggregated system metrics to SignalFx.