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The SignalFx Smart Gateway observes every transaction across distributed services, generates metrics for each unique span and trace path, and prioritizes interesting outlier traces to forward to SignalFx as part of our NoSampleβ„’ Tail-Based Distributed Tracing feature. The Smart Gateway can be deployed as a scalable, self-coordinating cluster for high-availability and volume applications.


Note: This content appears on a SignalFx documentation page and on the Setup tab of the Smart Gateway tile in the SignalFx UI. The following link to download the current version works only if you are viewing these instructions on the Setup tab.

The SignalFx Smart Gateway is available as a single, statically-linked binary. From within the SignalFx UI, you can download the latest version here.

Alternatively, you can download a specific version of the SignalFx Smart Gateway from the command line using curl:

curl -qs -H"X-SF-Token:YOUR_SIGNALFX_API_TOKEN" | gunzip > smart-gateway

Make sure to mark the smart-gateway binary as executable:

chmod +x smart-gateway

The Smart Gateway is designed to run in your environment, close to your applications, and receive all metrics and trace spans from your applications before they are forwarded to SignalFx.

Once you have downloaded the Smart Gateway, follow the installation, configuration and deployment instructions from the Smart Gateway Deployment Guide.

Verifying the Smart Gateway Download πŸ”—

To verify the integrity of your Smart Gateway binary, use sha256sum to compute the checksum of the file, and compare to the checksum listed below for your respective version

sha256sum smart-gateway

It is also possible to download the checksum using curl, to automate the verification:

curl -qs -H"X-SF-Token:YOUR_SIGNALFX_API_TOKEN" > smart-gateway.sha256
sha256sum -c smart-gateway.sha256

The downloaded checksum assumes that the Smart Gateway binary is in the current directory, in a file named smart-gateway

Changelog πŸ”—

Note: To use the following download links, you must be viewing this content from within the SignalFx UI. Instructions for manually downloading a specific version of the Smart Gateway are shown above.

Latest Version: v2.1.9 (March 20, 2020) πŸ”—

Download Smart Gateway v2.1.9
SHA256: 49f064ebb532ae74c530a8d071a9d2a8e9858ffe9fc2d5468151743198401d4d

  • Fixes issues re-distributing spans causing duplicates
  • Fixes issue with metric collision of gateway.dropped_spans

v2.1.6 (March 4, 2020) πŸ”—

Download Smart Gateway v2.1.6
SHA256: 7d9b54617d4e17045cff29d03904b6dd3a96d4237393337f1fd44b08659acaab

  • Fixes issues emitting directly to SignalFx without trace sampling

v2.1.5 (January 16, 2020) πŸ”—

Download Smart Gateway v2.1.5
SHA256: 3b48072e3cd61c72ea4bde587e41ca59e886c430403da413abf21f75fae9cb31

  • Log spans that are too large when debug logging is enabled

v2.1.4 (November 27, 2019) πŸ”—

Download Smart Gateway v2.1.4
SHA256: 0e834342a8d1fa192e19a9c21df807dae87bbbf03d65f7013cdedf427bc9042e

  • Support for default zipkin v1 and v2 paths on signalfx listener

v2.1.3 (November 19, 2019) πŸ”—

Download Smart Gateway v2.1.3
SHA256: 636de58a65af6e018e4ae87b75e5dc7a9edd7be1b03363dd05b4ecf857cccb9c

  • Critical bug fixes
  • Scale and performance fixes that allow the Smart Gateway cluster to scale to billions of spans per minute
  • Custom dimensionalization.
  • Tracing metrics emitted are now based on the previous 10 seconds instead of total history
  • Spans coming through Istio proxies are tagged appropriately
  • Tag initiating spans with the Smart Gateway which selected it

v2.0.4 (September 13, 2019) πŸ”—

Download Smart Gateway v2.0.4
SHA256: 7429a8f42e2eb7ebfe340656ad7cab9822b52b44a41471fba619bdc77a73909d

  • Critical bug fix
  • Provides code to do seamless rolling upgrade to v2.1.x releases

v2.0.2 (September 3, 2019) πŸ”—

Download Smart Gateway v2.0.2
SHA256: e3b7bb4e85a12bbda2a8d7793aa9f7cf710e69c90def9b48bf9a491d22b81f75

  • Fix a critical bug in the Smart Gateway

v2.0.1 (August 16, 2019) πŸ”—

Download Smart Gateway v2.0.1
SHA256: cbbc447f5ce714fd06218a65b187e36441f69bad20122b81b66622993f0ee396

Note: this is a major update with breaking changes; existing Smart Gateway clusters cannot be upgraded via a rolling update. To upgrade a Smart Gateway cluster from 1.x to 2.x, you must fully shutdown your existing cluster, and follow the bootstrap procedure to start new 2.x instances.

This update significantly increases the performance and accuracy of the Smart Gateway via improvements to Trace and Span sharding, histogram improvements, and an optional trace distribution layer.

Please refer to the sizing guidelines for updated size recommendations.

  • Update base SignalFx Gateway version to v1.2.9
  • Improved accuracy of tail-based sampling baselines and tracing metrics by utilizing t-digest histograms.
  • Metrics about the Smart Gateway are prefixed with gateway.*
  • The runtime flag -version will print the Smart Gateway version to the console.
  • The Smart Gateway can be configured as a two-tier deployment with an intelligent distribution tier to route traces and spans to their appropriate Smart Gateway.

v1.1.1 (June 4, 2019) πŸ”—

Download Smart Gateway v1.1.1
SHA256: c85c33dc988f7fe996718b74e616854e5585c36ce5f9af644fb05c77d6c01103

  • Fix for attaching cluster variable to retained traces

v1.1.0 (May 29, 2019) πŸ”—

Download Smart Gateway v1.1.0
SHA256: 82774e826ef5fc511bd29a85e3aa79bf60db5719d05fc32eb7b05ae5e1b0dcdc

  • Update base SignalFx Gateway version to v1.0.31
  • Report Gateway and NoSample Module version properties as version number, instead of commit hash
  • Fix accuracy of traces.count and spans.count metrics

v1.0.5 (April 29, 2019) πŸ”—

Download Smart Gateway v1.0.5
SHA256: 56e8a00ca268ef8534a715aadbf6853d54c1b2a4fbf4d58d69bc7cb866d7a94f

  • Update base SignalFx Gateway version to v1.0.29
  • Ensure http client drains and closes responses
  • Improve joining existing Smart Gateway clusters

v1.0.4 (April 23, 2019) πŸ”—

Download Smart Gateway v1.0.4
SHA256: faa2dc350a1c223c652069c09038f647ea584fab4d2b7953fd4322519779fe64

  • Update base SignalFx Gateway version to v1.0.28
  • Proactively clean up expired file descriptors

v1.0.3 (April 11, 2019) πŸ”—

Download Smart Gateway v1.0.3
SHA256: 0f59091d2f802f1866f59e27d1d1c05bf670159d21e26a897791d4af6419ac65

  • Add ForceTraceInitiatingSpan config to force an initiating span if none is present on the trace

v1.0.2 (March 26, 2019) πŸ”—

Download Smart Gateway v1.0.2
SHA256: 71ac690d578d09057d6893e04fc52d70b86a4f4e4e88f883c0f91e03acb352a4

  • Update base SignalFx Gateway version to v1.0.27
  • Expose and pass through etcd configurations
    • EtcdElectionTimeout
    • EtcdSnapCount
    • EtcdMaxSnapFiles
    • EtcdMaxWalFiles
  • Enable client-only mode for clustered Smart Gateways
  • Add ObfuscateSpanTags and RemoveSpanTags config

v1.0.1 (March 6, 2019) πŸ”—

Download Smart Gateway v1.0.1
SHA256: 53819394425c1a0db60fdc3fc9ba8bab2d85d1c027e1218ee2b938357b50e818

  • Update base SignalFx Gateway version to v1.0.18
  • Utilize new on-disk format to reduce memory usage
  • Enforce consistent cluster name within etcd cluster
  • Add AuthTokenEnvVar config
  • Add SpanNameReplacementBreakAfterMatch config

v1.0.0 (February 4, 2019) πŸ”—

Download Smart Gateway v1.0.0
SHA256: 2fadd3abeb99e1b781a7805ea524bcc9773a5efc122260abdd684f6799afdda9

  • Update base SignalFx Gateway version to v1.0.9
  • Update Smart Gateway to use Golang 1.11.5
  • Add SpanNameReplacementRules config


The SignalFx Smart Gateway is built on top of the SignalFx Gateway. Please refer to the SignalFx Gateway documentation after configuring the SignalFx Smart Gateway for information on additional configuration options.