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Metadata associated with the vmem collectd plugin can be found here. The relevant code for the plugin can be found here.


From collectd wiki:

The vmem plugin collects information about the virtual memory subsystem of the kernel. Per default, information such as page-faults, page-in and page-out to and from memory and swap, and the total number of pages are collected. When verbose statistics are enabled, all page actions (allocations, refills, steals, …) are collected per zone (DMA, DMA32, …).


This plugin requires:

Software Version
collectd 4.4+


If you are using the new Smart Agent, see the docs for the collectd/vmem monitor for more information. The configuration documentation below may be helpful as well, but consult the Smart Agent repo’s docs for the exact schema.

Installation and initial configuration options are available as part of the SignalFx collectd agent.


Configuration for this plugin is kept in the main collectd.conf file.

From the collectd wiki:

The vmem plugin collects information about the usage of virtual memory. Since the statistics provided by the Linux kernel are very detailed, they are collected very detailed. However, to get all the details, you have to switch them on manually. Most people just want an overview over, such as the number of pages read from swap space.
Configuration Option Type Definition
Verbose true/false Enables verbose collection of information. This will start collecting page "actions", e. g. page allocations, (de)activations, steals and so on. Part of these statistics are collected on a "per zone" basis.