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Monitor Kubernetes 🔗

SignalFx provides a comprehensive monitoring solution for orchestrated containerized environments managed by Kubernetes. With this integration, you can monitor the health and performance of your microservices, the Kubernetes orchestration services, and the infrastructure that they are running on.

The SignalFx Smart Agent for Kubernetes is packaged in a container for deployment on each node in the cluster. Use the integration to:

  • Discover and automatically configure the monitoring of supported services running in the containers
  • Use the built-in dashboards to view key metrics that are indicators of the health of your infrastructure and the orchestrator

Our Kubernetes solution has been validated in Kubernetes environments based on AWS EKS, Pivotal PKS, Google Cloud GKE, Azure Container Service, CoreOS, and OpenShift.

Once data is flowing, see Getting Around the Kubernetes Navigator to get familiar with the ways to visualize data from your nodes, pods, containers, and network.