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Collect Windows Metrics 🔗

SignalFx supports three ways to send data from Windows systems:

SignalFx Smart Agent for Windows 🔗

The SignalFx Smart Agent is configured to monitor system metrics (CPU, Memory, Disk) from the host on which it is installed. The Smart Agent also gathers Windows application and service level metrics from built-in monitors and plugins, and sends all metrics to SignalFx.

For information about installing the Smart Agent, see the Smart Agent Quick Start.

Metrics.NET.SignalFX 🔗

This integration is used for reporting metrics to SignalFx from within your application. Metrics.NET.SignalFX  is a reporter of metrics for the Metrics.NET framework. The package is available via NuGet.

Read about how to configure the reporter at

StatsD.NET 🔗

Statsd.NET is a Windows service that listens for stats messages on a UDP listener. SignalFx has modified StatsD.NET to allow sending metrics to SignalFx, and to support sending dimensions.

Read about how to install and use it at