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Team Landing Pages

About team landing pages

Every team has an associated landing page that contains information relevant to team members. A landing page brings together dashboard groups and alerts triggered by detectors that are linked to the team. The landing page has the following sections:

  • A customizable text section to provide helpful information to team members; standard markdown format is supported
  • A count of active alerts from detectors linked to this team, broken down by severity
  • Links to one or more dashboard groups identified as important to the team

You don’t have to be a member of a team to view its landing page.

Viewing team landing pages

There are a few ways to display a team’s landing page.

  • To see the landing page for any team, open the Settings menu at far right on the navigation bar, hover over Organization Settings, and then select Teams. Click the name of a team to see its landing page.

  • If you belong to only one team, click Dashboards on the navigation bar to see the team’s landing page.

  • If you belong to multiple teams, click Dashboards on the navigation bar to see a page that provides a tab for each team you belong to.


    Another way to see the landing page for a team you belong to is to hover over Dashboards on the navigation bar and select a team.



    If you have joined multiple teams, their names may not all be displayed on the Dashboards dropdown menu. You can select any team, and then use the tabs to navigate to the landing page you want to see.

You may also want to set a team’s landing page as your home page, so you can return to it with a single click.

Using the team landing page

The landing page is designed to serve as the starting point for a team to monitor relevant data. The following illustration explains the contents of the landing page and the actions that are available.


If you click Team Alerts or Team Detectors, you will see the Active Alerts tab or Detectors tab of the Alerts page, filtered for the team. If you click one of the alert indicators, you will see the Active Alerts tab, filtered for the team and for severity level.

For information on how to link content to a team so it is reflected on the landing page, see Link Detectors and Dashboard Groups to a Team.

Editing the descriptive text on a landing page

The upper left portion of the landing page can be used display text and links to orient new team members, or to provide instructions to all team members. For example, you might want to describe the team’s purpose and provide links to relevant wiki pages or runbooks.

The descriptive text supports standard markdown, including links:


Any team member can edit the descriptive text for the team. Administrators can edit the descriptive text for any team. Click Edit description on the team’s landing page.