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Specify Team Notification Policies đź”—

In addition to email, webhooks, and other options, teams can be specified as notification recipients for a detector. By default, adding a team as a notification recipient sends alert notifications to all team members. However, the application lets you specify where notifications should be sent when a team is a recipient. You can specify a single notification option for a team, or different notification options based on the severity of the alert.

Any team member can edit the notification policies for the team. Administrators can edit the policies for any team.


A team’s notification policy applies to all detectors where the team is a notification recipient. That is, you can’t specify different notification policies for different detectors.

To specify team notification policies, open the Settings menu at far right on the navigation bar, hover over Organization Settings, and then select Teams. Then click Notification policy (to the left of the team’s Actions menu). You’ll see the default policy options.


If you choose to configure separate notification tiers, you have the same options as above for each severity level.


Add and remove recipients as desired, just as you would do when creating or editing a detector.

When the team is later specified as the recipient of a detector, notifications will be sent based on the policy you specified.