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Using the Metadata Catalog 🔗

Use this feature to find, view, and edit information about the metadata in your system, such as dimensions, properties, and tags.

To display the Metadata Catalog:

  1. Open the Profile menu from the navigation bar.
  2. Select Metadata Catalog.


Recent enhancements to SignalFx have changed the function of the Metadata Catalog. The Metadata Catalog previously served many purposes that are now better served by the following features:

Searching the Metadata Catalog 🔗

To search the Metadata Catalog for dimensions, properties, or metrics:

  1. Enter your search criteria in the Search bar.
  1. Select an item from the search results to view information about that property, dimension, or metric.

Adding or editing metadata 🔗

To add or edit an existing description, tag, or property, select the add or edit link for the appropriate section. Note that you can only add or edit properties and tags, not dimensions. For more information about metadata, see Metric Metadata.