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Replace the SignalFx Gateway with the OpenTelemetry Collector đź”—

SignalFx is deprecating the SignalFx Gateway. Replace the Gateway with the OpenTelemetry Collector. The OpenTelemetry Collector can fulfill the same role as the SignalFx Gateway, including these primary use cases:

  • Centrally managing authentication, batching, and retry
  • Sending data from multiple Smart Agents to an OpenTelemetry Collector in the same environment

Follow these steps to migrate to the OpenTelemetry Collector:

  1. Deploy the OpenTelemetry Collector in your environment. If you’re currently sending data from one or more Smart Agents to a SignalFx Gateway in the same environment so the SignalFx Gateway handles egress, deploy the OpenTelemetry Collector in the same environment to perform the same role.

    To deploy an OpenTelemetry Collector for infrastructure monitoring, see Deploy Data Collection for Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring. For more information about OpenTelemetry Collector deployment options, see Getting Started on the OpenTelemetry website.

  2. Configure the OpenTelemetry Collector to receive infrastructure monitoring data and export everything to SignalFx.

    See examples on GitHub to view example configurations of the OpenTelemetry Collector. For more information about each OpenTelemetry Collector component, see Configuration on the OpenTelemetry website.

  3. Modify each Smart Agent configuration to send data to the OpenTelemetry Collector. To do this, update the ingestUrl setting to point to the OpenTelemetry Collector:

    ingestUrl: "http://ot-collector:8888"

    If you don’t specify the OpenTelemetry Collector’s endpoint, the Smart Agent will default to send data to your SignalFx ingest endpoint according to the specified realm.

  4. Shut down the SignalFx Gateway. For more information, see Graceful Shutdown.